Show #204    Recorded3/23/12     Aired 4/20/12

Lincoln in Black and White: 1910-1925

Photographer and author Douglas Keister acquired some glass-plate negatives as a young high school student in Lincoln, Nebraska.  They were images of African American and immigrant neighborhoods in Lincoln, but the identity of the photographer remained a mystery until many years later.  The images were displayed in an exhibit on the Chico State University campus during Black History month in 2012, and now many of the images have been acquired by the Smithsonian for the new African American Museum of Culture and History.

The Birds of Bidwell Park

Two retired Chico State professors, ornithologist Roger Lederer and English professor and illustrator Carol Burr, teamed up to create a guide to the birds you are likely to see in Bidwell Park during a casual stroll or a long hike any time of year.